Flying Life

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Flying Wheel

Sky Rocketz

Helix Flyer

Loop & Jet Flyer

Flying Disc

XL Glider


Foam Plane

Flying Twisterz

Parachute Ball

About Eolo Life Collection

More and more our kids become sedentary and less communicative due to technology and the fast pace of our lives.

With Eolo Life Collection we offer a range of classic toys that enhance outdoor play, communication and motor skills

Social and emotional development is enhanced when kids play outside, for instance when young kids build sand castles, play games with friends, or explore things they find in nature, it encourages logical thinking, and improves their ability to reason.

Outdoor play also encourages children to take risks, stretch their imaginations, explore their interests, and discover what they enjoy doing. When children spend time outside with friends, it gives them the opportunity to build the kind of social skills they need to forge healthy friendships throughout life.

Playing outside makes kids happier, and enables them to grow into well rounded adults by providing a number of physical, social, and emotional development benefits.

Eolo Life Collection will help kids enhance coordination, balance, flexibility, creativity, reflexes, spatial vision, communication... Be outside, be happier, be healthier...


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